Here is the official English translation of the Lithuanian National Anthem by Vincas Kudirka:

Official English translation
Lithuania, our homeland,
Land of heroes!
Let your sons draw their strength
From our past experience.

Let your children always follow
Only roads of virtue,
May your own, mankindís well-being
Be the goals they work for.

May the sun above our land
Banish darkening clouds around
Light and truth all along
Guide our steps forever.

May the love of Lithuania
Brightly burn in our hearts.
For the sake of this land,
Let unity blossom!

And here is the improved, Daugirdas family version (Dad's):
Unofficial (Dad's) English translation
Lietuva, our home and nation,
Land of valiant heroes!
From your glorious past
Your sons draw strength, resolve and power.

May your children walk the path of
Honor and integrity,
As they work for your well-being
And for all of mankind.

May the sun above our land
Banish cloud and shadow.
Truth and right, radiant light
Guide our steps eternally.

May the love of Lietuva
Burn forever in our hearts.
In your name, we proclaim:
Unity and concord bloom!

(Copyright, 2015)

What do you think? (I never liked the name "Lithuania" - "Lietuva" is so much more meaningful to me.)